Wordfence vs Shield Security which is better for my website security 2023

Security is an essential aspect of a website. Because without paying much attention to security, your website will be hacked or attacked by malware including malware distribution through phishing, spamming, or malicious ads, And many of us use WordPress.There is some popular security for this WordPress security. Wordfence and Shield Security are among them. In […]

10 Best Ways to Scan for WordPress Website Malware Removal

Website malware is a growing threat that can compromise your online presence, steal sensitive information, and damage your reputation. To protect your website from malware, it’s important to regularly check and scan for malicious code and files. In this tutorial, we’ll show the 10 best proven methods for scanning websites for malware removal. Use an […]

Complete guide on how to remove malware from hacked WordPress website

There’s no need to fear; the majority of hacked WordPress websites can be recovered. Without carefully considering the problem, an emotional response might do more harm than good. In this article, we’ll discuss about how to remove malware with best possible ways to get rid of it. 1. Check if your website infected with malware […]

Best WordPress malware removal service

Best WordPress Malware Removal: Protecting Your Website from Cyber Attacks As a website owner, one of the biggest fears is having your website infected with malware. Not only does it harm your website’s reputation, but it can also result in lost revenue and personal information theft. This is why it’s crucial to have a plan […]