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Best WordPress malware removal and security patch installations to clean malware and protect your WordPress website from future attacks or hacking.

Remove WordPress website malware and fix all errors (Best malware removal service)


If your full server or the website got hacked & affected by malware and Blacklisted? Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. We are professional Malware Removal experts and fixed the malware problem on countless hacked websites.

We have removed malware from Namecheap, Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy, Site ground, Hostinger, WP Engine, Cloud ways, OVH, etc Hosting server companies. Or any kind of hosting including:


Shared Hosting Providers Cloud Hosting Providers VPS Hosting Providers Managed WordPress Hosting Providers Ecommerce Hosting Providers Other Notable Hosting Providers
Bluehost HostGator DreamHost A2 Hosting Namecheap Hostinger InMotion GoDaddy iPage SiteGround
DigitalOcean Linode Vultr Cloudways Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Microsoft Azure Kinsta
Liquid Web Kamatera Hostwinds InterServer 1&1 IONOS Namecheap Managed VPS
WP Engine Flywheel Pressable Kinsta SiteGround Pagely
Shopify BigCommerce Volusion WooCommerce Easy Digital Downloads
GreenGeeks OVHcloud Media Temple A Small Orange Pantheon Nexcess DreamCompute HostPapa TsoHost Krystal

We can remove malware from any kind of site including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.


We can also remove Web shells, remove all malware, rootkits, viruses, spyware, and adware from your server and all sites and databases.

Top 50 types of website malware that we can remove:

1. Backdoors: Hidden code that grants unauthorized access to a website’s files and systems. 2. Code Injection: Malicious code inserted into legitimate website code, often to steal data or redirect traffic. 3. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): Exploiting vulnerabilities to inject malicious scripts into webpages, affecting user interaction. 4. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF): Tricking a user’s browser into performing unauthorized actions on a trusted website. 5. Defacement: Malicious modification of a website’s content, often with a message or propaganda. 6. Drive-by Downloads: Malicious code automatically downloads malware onto a visitor’s device when they access the website. 7. Exploit Kits: Pre-built tools that automate attacks by finding and exploiting website vulnerabilities. 8. Fileless Malware: Malware that doesn’t rely on traditional files, making it harder to detect. 9. Formjacking: Stealing user information submitted through website forms, like login credentials or credit card details. 10. Hidden Malware: Malicious code disguised as legitimate content, making it difficult to identify. 11. Injections (SQL, LDAP): Injecting malicious code into databases to manipulate or steal data. 12. Iframe Hijacking: Replacing website content with an iframe displaying malicious content. 13. Malvertising: Malicious advertisements that redirect users to phishing sites or download malware. 14. Mobile Malware: Malware specifically targeting mobile devices accessing websites. 15. Phishing: Creating fake login pages or websites to steal user credentials. 16. Ransomware: Blocking access to a website or its data and demanding payment for its release. 17. Remote Access Trojans (RATs): Tools allowing attackers to remotely control infected devices. 18. SEO Spam: Injecting spam keywords to manipulate search engine rankings for the website. 19. Session Hijacking: Stealing a user’s session ID to impersonate them and access their account. 20. Skimming: Stealing credit card information during online transactions. 21. Social Engineering Attacks: Manipulating users into taking actions that compromise website security. 22. Spam Bots: Automated programs that spam message boards or comment sections on a website. 23. Spyware: Software that gathers information about users’ activity without their consent. 24. Steganography: Hiding malware within seemingly harmless files like images or videos. 25. Trojan Horses: Programs that appear legitimate but contain hidden malicious functionalities. 26. URL Redirects: Malicious redirects take users to phishing sites or malware download pages. 27. Watering Hole Attacks: Targeting websites frequented by a specific group of users to infect their devices. 28. Web Bugs: Tiny images embedded in websites to track user activity without their knowledge. 29. Website Backups: Malware that backs up a website’s data for future attacks or data theft. 30. Worms: Self-replicating malware that spreads across websites within a network.

Additional Malware Types (Focusing on Functionality):

31. Adware: Displays unwanted advertisements on a website. 32. Cryptojacking: Uses website visitors’ processing power to mine cryptocurrency for the attacker. 33. Denial-of-Service (DoS): Overwhelming a website with traffic to make it inaccessible to legitimate users. 34. Link Spam: Inserting irrelevant or misleading links within a website. 35. Malicious Pop-ups: Displaying unwanted pop-up windows with ads, surveys, or fake alerts. 36. Malvertising Redirects: Malicious redirects from legitimate advertising networks. 37. Malicious SEO Redirects: Redirects to spammy or irrelevant content to manipulate search rankings. 38. Password Stealers: Programs that capture user login credentials from forms. 39. Phishing Kits: Pre-built tools for creating and launching phishing attacks. 40. SEO Black Hat Techniques: Unethical methods to improve search engine rankings, often harming user experience. 41. Spam Injections: Injecting spam content into forum posts, comments, or contact forms. 42. Spam SEO Backlinks: Creating low-quality backlinks to a website to manipulate search rankings. 43. Spamware: Unsolicited emails promoting products or services, often containing malware links. 44. Spambots: Automated programs that spread spam messages or comments across the web. 45. Spoofing: Impersonating a legitimate website or user to gain trust and steal information. 46. SQL Injection Attacks: Specifically targeting vulnerabilities in SQL databases to steal or manipulate data. 47. Stealer Malware: Malware designed to steal various types of data from websites or user devices, including passwords, financial information, or intellectual property. 48. Traffic Bots: Malicious bots that generate fake website traffic to inflate metrics or manipulate analytics. 49. Watering Hole Attacks (Targeted): Targeting websites frequented by a specific user group with malware relevant to their interests or industry. 50. Zero-Day Exploits: Exploiting vulnerabilities in software before a patch is available, makes them highly dangerous.

We aim to provide the best service to you by removing malware from your WordPress website or full server.



Malware Removal Service Includes:

✅ Hacked website clean Backup files and database

Deep malware Scan of all Files and WordPress malware removal

Manually remove malware from Full Server or Cpanel

Hosting suspension removal

Fix redirecting issues

Blacklist removal (Google, Norton, McAfee, etc)

Google Japanese spam link removal

Fix Google ads disapprove of malicious software

Plugins update

Fix website errors

SSL Installation

Any issue or bug Fixed

✅30 days support


Chat with us now for more information.

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WordPress, Shopify, Magneto, Drupal, Wix, HubSpot, Joomla, Laravel, PrestaShop, PHP, Typo3

10 reviews for Best WordPress Malware Removal

    January 11, 2024
    Good support! thanks
    June 28, 2023
    Vendedor muito solicito e gentil, faz tudo para melhor ser feito o projeto, tenho certeza que contratarei o mesmo para novos projetos, Fiverr esta de parabens pela qualidade de profissionais que estão colocando na plataforma.
    June 27, 2023
    Great job and very quick. thanks a lot
    July 12, 2023
    Rush_mamun helped quickly and perfect to remove malware of my webspace/wordpress. Thank you very much!
    July 5, 2023
    Great work as always!
    June 22, 2023
    This seller is excellent to work with. His communication is great and he went above and beyond to make sure my project was complete. Highly recommend
    June 16, 2023
    He was able to resolve the issue with my infected website. He repaired and replaced core files for my website, reinstalled cPanel and made a security audits, files, and database to get rid of the infected files. Now we are monitoring the site and checking if everything will go on well. will definitely use his services in the future. Great job!
    June 15, 2023
    An absolute genius, thank you!
    June 1, 2023
    He did his best removing malware & helping with compromised account access
    June 22, 2023
    Thanks man
    May 18, 2023
    Amazing work yet again. Thanks so much helping me out with my project! Always a great help. Highly recommend Mamun to anyone who needs a capable developer!! EL
    January 12, 2023
    Mamun is accountable person who took charge of the problem from the beginning.
    May 16, 2023
    Excellent service. Timely delivery. Quick response to all requests. Extremely satisfied.
    May 17, 2023
    Second time I work with rush_mamun and I can't be more pleased. He helps us so much more than we pay for. Certainly my first option for every job in this area.
    May 14, 2023
    Excellent work and communication skills. Seller definitely understands what needs to be accomplished and how to go about getting the job done.
    January 11, 2023
    This is an area I know nothing about so I trusted this seller to take care of the site. Service was quick and everything was communicated well. I will reach out for spot checks periodically to keep my site safe. Thanks for your help!
    May 6, 2023
    He was very helpful
    May 3, 2023
    Immediate response and action. Solved our security issues in no time. Will book again.
    April 24, 2023
    Awesome work. Seller always comes through
    April 20, 2023
    Fast and efficient. Recommended
    April 20, 2023
    Great Service will use again.
    April 18, 2023
    GREAT JOB! Highly recommended!!
    April 13, 2023
    The seller was very prompt and helpful! The seller was very thorough and provided assistance when needed.
    April 20, 2023
    This seller is very quick and does the job the job well!
    April 16, 2023
    Good work problem solved
    April 12, 2023
    Excelent and quick work
    April 5, 2023
    Fantastic seller! Very prompt and great at resolving the issue with ease!
    April 11, 2023
    As a repeat customer I can only say I come back because of service quality. Appreciate his patience and the time he takes to explain why the problems occur, how they can be fixed and then offer a list of alternatives to suit my means. Grateful for this dedication to service quality.
    April 1, 2023
    I was very pleased with the service provided. The Seller was able to solve the issue we were experiencing and was very prompt with communication. Thank you very much!
    March 23, 2023
    Good work! Thanks! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    March 22, 2023
    Another amazing experience with Rush. He always delivers great results
    March 8, 2023
    Good job thanks a lot
    March 1, 2023
    This seller is lightning fast and delivers everything promised - and then some! I highly recommend him!
    February 28, 2023
    I had a great experience with the guy. He did a brilliant job even though after finishing his work he helped me a lots. Thank you so much.
    February 27, 2023
    Will be using again
    January 30, 2023
    Seller was very quick to respond and solved our issue very quickly. Thank you!
    A+++ great seller. Will Use again.
    February 26, 2023
    February 21, 2023
    Great working with this seller. Will use again. Quick turnaround. appreciate your expertise. thank you
    January 18, 2023
    This guy went the extra mile for me , he deserves 10 out of 5 stars !
    January 11, 2023
    Very grateful for the amazing help provided by Rush Mamun, my sites are now working
    January 11, 2023
    Rush is great and helps you with all to understand. My highest recommendations and I wont hesitate to reach him back for his other services
    best Malware removal
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    best Malware removal
    Abh Networks
    March 8, 2023
    Awesome work, great responses and very informative on work, also got work done fast and ahead of scheduled time A++
    Best malware cleanup service | Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    November 4, 2022
    They made sure I understood what he was doing, what aspects I needed to do and what my web designers needed to do. He would have completed sooner but the site wasn't actually ready. He works quickly, keeps me in the loop and is good value for money - Nicola
    Best malware cleanup service | Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Best malware cleanup service Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Google blacklist removal Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Best malware cleanup service | Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    August 20, 2022
    One of the best services. They worked with me for malware removal and did the job more than I expected and spent hours working with me. I would highly recommend you guys to work with him. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    Malware scan report
    Malware scan report | Best malware removal service
    August 4, 2022
    Outstanding work and communication. Amazing person to work with! I will definitely use this seller in the future if needed.
    Google red screen warning removal
    malware scan report
    Website malware removal
    Not secure website fix
    Google red screen warning removal
    July 9, 2022
    They are excellent to work with. His communication is great and he went above and beyond to make sure my project was complete. Highly recommend
    Google Ads malware cleanup service
    Greencar-eco is live now on google
    Google Ads malware cleanup service
    July 8, 2022
    Rush is a professional in his field, my site was damaged by malware and google recognized it only with Japanese words, a horror. I previously hired another engineer, but he only gave me excuses and postponed the delivery three times. Certainly my case did not seem easy, but Rush in a very short time finished the job excellently, compared to 30 days with no results from the previous engineer. Don't waste your time, Rush does have the ability to complete the job and support you. He is also very attentive, professional and efficient. Personally, I can't thank him enough for his work. Seriously, thank you very much for everything.
    WordPress Malware codes
    May 22, 2022
    Working with this seller has been an absolute pleasure and a great experience. His ability to figure out problems and his skill as a full-stack developer is unmatched. He is super communicative which is a deal breaker for us. We love excellent communication and this seller is our favourite! Highly recommend Rush to anyone needing a developer for anything Shopify, Wordpress, or other. Thanks again, EL
    Website bot traffic
    Website Traffic
    Website Traffic
    Website bot traffic
    May 4, 2022
    Great work....!! Hard-working guy...!! they do deep analysis and give a better solution, I recommend this seller..!!
    Virus removal
    Malware Example
    Virus removal
    March 7, 2022
    Rush was very fast at getting things done, even if that meant working late into the night. He also educated me in the process and has set things up so that I can take more personal responsibility for my sites in the future
    January 9, 2022
    This is third time, I bought their services. Mamun is very knowledgeable, skilled and can do even more than I realized I needed. I am planning to employ him on a more regular basis to support me. He was very quick at responding and let me know what I needed to do.
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